You've heard of The Bachelor, but are you ready for The Spatula?

It's clear to see that when it comes to food, I've become somewhat of an expert. Whether it's Italian, Mexican, Portuguese or a good ol' American smokehouse, I've had it all--but I'm in search for the best.

The goal of The Spatula is seek out the top chefs from the SouthCoast area and challenge them to one dish of their choice, that they will consider their strong arm in this competition.

If you're familiar with the popular TV show The Bachelor, the one gentlemen hands out roses at the end of the show to those who he wishes to move on to the next round. In this case, The Spatula is very similar, except instead of roses, I will be passing out special spatulas. Each spatula moves the chefs to the next round of cooking until only one dish remains, reigning it the champion of its class.

So, how does one get involved? Those who wish to compete for the "Golden Spatula," which will be rewarded to the best dish, can send Fun 107 a message on Facebook to request a visit to the restaurant.

Eventually, somewhere along the timeline of the show, I will transition from restaurant chefs to amateurs. I'm talking about your everyday Average Joe who claims to have the best surf n' turf or wood-fire pizza, or whatever dish they feel they've perfected.

The heat is on and the SouthCoast is about to witness a food challenge experience like no other. One community, one dish, one Golden Spatula. Who will compete to claim victory and fame? The choice is yours.

THIS IS...The Spatula.

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