The countdown to Super Bowl Sunday is on. Once again, the Patriots are gearing up for another world championship. Once again, they will play the Rams. And once again, Americans will overindulge on snacks and junk food. There's nothing like a good football game in the middle of winter to give you a good excuse to overeat.

We want to talk about the important issues beyond football. We want to know what you are going to eat for snacks. According to Super Market News- Super Bowl Favorite Snacks, 80 percent of Americans will have chips in their house this weekend, and the preferred chip in Patriots country is the tortilla chip.

Personally, I'm a tortilla with warm spinach and artichoke dip kind of guy, but salsa is far and away the leader.

I usually make my three-alarm chili for our neighborhood Super Bowl party, but last year I made homemade pizza, and the Patriots lost. So, it's back to the chili again this year. Don't discount the use of a good chili to dip tortillas, either!

As far as buffalo wings are concerned, this is the number one weekend for them. According to, there will be enough buffalo wings eaten this weekend to stretch a line between Gillette Stadium and the Coliseum in Los Angeles TWENTY-EIGHT TIMES!  

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