You know that you're a serious shopper when you vow to drive across the state to check out every HomeGoods.

I came across a Facebook posting from a SouthCoast native named Diane Miranda. She and three other friends were having a glass (or two) of wine one night and decided to take a little road trip across Massachusetts. The four women have a healthy obsession with HomeGoods and came up with a plan to shop at each and every one of them – 37 stores, to be precise.

Photo Courtesy of Diane Miranda

"During this pandemic, 4 women seek out on a journey for some serious retail evening while drinking some wine, we came up with the ultimate idea of traveling to every HomeGoods store in Massachusetts! #1vehicle#2beds#3nights #4women#37stores" – Diane Miranda

This morning, Michael and Maddie spoke with the HomeGoods squad to get the whole story behind this plan:

Store by store, the four friends – Diane Miranda, Christina Fernandes, Jen Couto, and Kelley Couto – were on the hunt in search of the most unique finds from each location, even if some stores were a bust. From Plymouth to Braintree, Westwood to Leominster, they booked hotels and experienced an ultimate shopping spree like no other while the husbands stayed home to watch the kids.

Photo Courtesy of Diane Miranda

When asked if they ran into any complications during the trip, their only concerns were finding room in the vehicle to store their purchases.

A job well done, ladies. Your tireless efforts to travel across the state not only made every other HomeGoods shopper out there envious, but you showed a major retailer your loyalty and passion for their brand at a time when businesses have been struggling.

Photo Courtesy of Diane Miranda

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