We all love food here on the SouthCoast, but there are just some combinations that leave me scratching my head.


Such an insult to a perfect dish! I like ranch and I love pasta with tomato sauce, but you’ll never catch me putting the two together. That’s a new combination that I don’t think I’ll be trying any time soon, and the feedback from Twitter users was far from supportive of Saweetie’s food combo.

It got Michael, Gazelle, and I thinking this morning about weird food combinations that we enjoy that others might not.

I love putting ketchup on my macaroni and cheese. I’ve been doing it since I can remember, and it all started when I saw a classmate do it during lunch in second grade. I’ve come across a few people who enjoy that odd combo, but Michael’s face contorted when I shared my guilty pleasure.

He would rather dunk his French fries in sweet and sour sauce. Not too out of the box, but weird enough for me.

Gazelle enjoys squirrel quesadillas, so his weird combinations take on an entirely new level. I took one bite of that, and it was my first and last one.

Our listeners did not disappoint when we asked about their weird combinations.

Someone actually enjoys M&Ms on their pizza. Don’t believe me? Keep scrolling and check out the weirdest food combinations that the SouthCoast is eating.

The Weirdest Food Combinations That the SouthCoast is Eating

We all love food here on the SouthCoast, but here are some weird food combinations that will leave you scratching your head.

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