Thanks to Big Brother, we know people on the SouthCoast are seeing $1,400 show up in the mail or in their bank accounts. Whether you choose to stash it away or put it to immediate use, the options are endless with the latest stimulus check.

I know exactly what I’ll be doing with mine, and here is how some of the SouthCoast will be spending theirs.

A stimulus check provided by the government is supposed to do just that, stimulate the economy. Whether it’s used toward gas, groceries, or shopping in stores, the check is being put to good use. I have been tempted to stash away the money or use it to pay down credit card bills, but this time around, I have my eyes on my honeymoon fund.

A honeymoon is no walk in the park when it comes to the looming price tags. My fiancé and I booked a trip to St.Lucia and we recently received news that St. Lucia’s COVID-19 regulations have been relaxed, making our honeymoon destination a reality. This $1,400 will be put to good use while we sip cocktails on a white sandy beach.

This morning on Michael and Maddie, we asked the SouthCoast about its plans for the latest stimulus check. Several people chimed in by saying their money will go toward bills or be added to their savings accounts, but a couple have some fun ideas as well. Kelly Dacey plans on getting a new tattoo and Andrea Raposa will be using hers toward a trip to Puerto Rico.

Our discussion this morning showed a wide variety of options on how to spend the latest stimulus, but the real question is, will you be savvy and save or spontaneous and spend?

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