If you grew up in the 80s, you'll remember the cultural phenomenon of the McRib sandwich at McDonald's. It was kind of puzzling because even though the McRib was shaped as if it had bones in it, in reality it was boneless pork meat that was molded into that shape.

In 1981, it was unlike anything fast-food chains had ever offered, and America went nuts for the McRib. Then, just as fast as it came, McDonald's inexplicably dropped the popular sandwich from its menu.

I do remember back in December of 2010, McDonald's brought back the sandwich nationwide for a limited time. It was the first time the McRib was offered at all McDonald's locations nationwide in over 16 years.

Word of the McRib return started circulating late this week on the interwebs, so we decided to give our local McDonald's franchise owners a call to see if the rumors were true. We spoke to PD Management, the local company runs McDonald's restaurants from New Bedford down to Connecticut and up to the Boston area.

They broke the bad news to us.

There are no plans for New England McDonald's restaurants to serve any McRib sandwiches at this time. They are not part of the plan for the sandwich's triumphant return next week.

According to PD Management, the closest regions that will serve the McRib sandwiches next week will be Susquehanna County in Pennsylvania and the Philadelphia Metro area.

Unfortunately, if you were hoping to try the McRib sandwich, it is going to call for a little bit of a road trip.

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