Some SouthCoast students and teachers will be able to enjoy the Super Bowl a little more on Sunday night, as their schools have decided to take the day off.

Bishop Stang in Dartmouth has received word from the Bishop that because of "Bishop's Day," the school will be closed on Monday. The official reason, of course, has nothing to do with football. Off the record, however, the day was picked so that students and faculty will be allowed to enjoy the Patriots Super Bowl in Atlanta.

Traditionally, the Bishop declares one day off a year. This year, it's unofficially a nod to the GOAT.

Bishop Stang is not alone. Malden Catholic High School will also have the day off again this year. During the Brady/Belichick era the school has always taken the day off after the Super Bowl, calling it a "Headmaster's Day."

It hasn't just been Catholic schools that have decided to adjust school to the Super Bowl. For years, Southeastern Regional Vocation School in Easton has had a delayed opening. School officials said they started doing it because of poor attendance Mondays after the Patriots were in the Super Bowl. The school, however, has decided NOT to delay school this Monday.

Wouldn't it be great if SouthCoast public schools organized a half day or delayed opening the Monday after the Super Bowl?

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