I've heard enough "you have to go there, it's so good", I'm putting my foot down!

The Southcoast is home to, among other things, the best restaurants in the area. Travel into the heart of any of the neighboring towns and you will see restaurants lining the roads like street signs. From Portuguese to Chinese, it is hard to come across a restaurant that will leave you unsatisfied.

When the story broke about The Liberal Club's poor Facebook review it made me realize that there are some famous restaurants that I haven't even heard of in the area, let alone dined at. So with the power of the Internet and the advice from my coworkers, I compiled a Bucket List of restaurants that I need to try before 2018.


The Roasted Pig- New Bedford: Coming from Portuguese heritage, The Roasted Pig had to be first on the list. Michael Rock kept raving about the Shrimp Mozambique, plus who doesn't like live music and sangria?

Jake's Diner: Fairhaven: For a restaurant being so close to the radio station, I'm embarrassed I haven't gave Jake's Diner a try yet. An old school diner is hard to come by, and if it's anything like Jersey Marv says it is, it's gotta be on the top of the list

M&C Cafe- New Bedford: WBSM's Phil Paleologos jumped at the opportunity to usher me towards M&C Cafe. Described as a cafe that will treat you as a regular on your first visit, just beware of the homemade hot sauce.

Ed's Famous BBQ- Fall River: The word famous is in the name of the restaurant, you know there's a reason for it. With a cheap menu and a full plate, I expect this to be my new favorite spot.

Chef Jeff's- Westport: For the times where you just need a home cooked meal, Chef Jeff's is there. Christine Fox's favorite dish is the fish & chips but I'm told all of the options are made with love.