This week, we wanted to hear from our listeners and have them share stories about older relatives or ancestors with some type of cool background. I have to say, some of these had my jaw on the floor. Here are a few of our favorites:

“My father, Robert Rene Arguin, Sr., who passed in 1993, graduated from the old Voke and worked on the world’s first twin-engine helicopter the BS-12 at Omega Aircraft in New Bedford. Either while still in school or shortly thereafter. Omega was beaten out by Sikorsky for the military contract for twin-engine copters.” - Michael Arguin


“It's actually a sad story and a bit of an eye-opener. My grandfather (now 88) became a lifeguard at 17-years-old, back then they did a somewhat large ceremony for those who graduated the course. His ceremony was held at a park along a riverbank, during the ceremony not even 25 yards away from the stage a three-year-old drowned in the river. More than 20 men were being certified as lifeguards, and not a single person noticed the toddler. Luckily, they were able to perform CPR and he lived but definitely a reminder that you can NEVER take your eyes off children when near or in the water.” - AJ George


“I have a distant cousin who was canonized as a saint in 2011. Fr. Andre Bessette.” - Lisa Bessette-Cardoza


“My grandfather was a whaler, harpooned his first whale on his 18th birthday and was captain of his first ship by 21. Unfortunately, he passed before I was born, but my mother always told me that if he had been alive, I would have been sailing long before riding a bicycle. I am now President of the Descendants of Whaling Masters in New Bedford.” - Bill King


“My ancestors worked on the Hoover Dam and my late aunt worked for NASA.” - Greg Blanchard

Do you have a story of a loved one that you'd like to share?

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