Last weekend's storm left too many here on the Southcoast with damage to their roof and other property.  This is creating the perfect opportunity for predatory contractors.

Last weekend's storm left behind millions of dollars of damage.  There's no doubt about it, contractors, here on the Southcoast are slammed with work.  They won't be able to get estimates out fast enough, however, beware of any out of state contractors that come into the area to "help".

They are known as "storm chasers" in the contracting industry.  These guys go to an area that has just been slammed by a big storm (similar to what has just happened to the Southcoast).  They'll tell homeowners that they'll be able to get them a new roof "for free" by signing over their insurance claims to them.  Then, they'll put in a claim for (let's say) $18,000.  They'll receive the full sum of the money, and slap on a (let's say) $4,000 roof.  Who will the homeowners turn to when the roof fails?  They are going to be long gone in a couple of months, and the homeowners will be left with no one to contact.

The important thing is to go with a LOCAL roofing company.  Ask yourself if you will be able to get a hold of this company if something goes wrong in 6 months...a year...or two years.

Ask friends and family if they have recommendations for roofing...or try googling and seeing their online reviews.  Three words.  Keep.  It. Local. when dealing with contractors.

Additional Reporting by Michael DeSouza


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