The Mystic Aquarium is currently looking for names for their new Beluga whales, and you could win those naming rights.

In a unique way to raise funds for the aquarium, which spent millions of dollars last month transporting its five new whales from Marineland in Niagara Falls in Ontario, the August 19 auction will include naming a few of these new whales.

Also on the auction block is artwork, a vintage car or boat, and experiences like educational dive trips. But it sounds like winning the whale naming rights might be the event's hottest item.

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The aquarium said all five of the new whales do have names, but they are allowing those who want to bid the right to create "stage names" for three of the whales and say those new names will how staff refers to them going forward. So we of course asked you what names you would pick for these beautiful Belugas.

The person I asked first, however, was my six-year-old. She said she'd call a whale "Bumpy" because "Belugas have bumps on the tops of their heads."

My two-year-old then decided she would call one of the new whales "pink whale" for no apparent reason other than pink is her favorite color right now.

Many of those who weighed in on the Fun 107 Facbook page had much more thought out answers. Like Kerri Rogers, who wrote "Delphina for a girl if it’s a boy Leucas. I chose these because in Latin Beluga Whale is Delphinapyerus Leucas." 

And there were a lot more name suggestions we enjoyed as well, with many others choosing to play on the whale's species, too.

  • Patricia Guilherme and Brittany Lynch both said "Blu"
  • Maria Pereira and Amanda Penney each went with "Bella"
  • Charlene Conway Jones suggested "Alabaster"
  • Melissa Machado offered up "Freckles"
  • Lynnsey Arruda said "Mae" for a girl and "Sully" for a boy
  • Nelson Emnotic was similar saying "Scully"
  • Helena Tavares and Lisa Costa both suggested "Belu" for a male
  • Costa also went with "Mysti" for a female
  • Marianne Laforest Doyle came up with "Cirrus"
  • And Ann Fortin-Tetreault suggested "Boojee"

But I think my favorite name from all our amazing Facebook suggestions was simply calling one whale "Raffi." I second that thought Emily Rose De Innocentis wholeheartedly.

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