We need more places on the SouthCoast where we can say "Yeah, can I get a uh..." from the comfort of our own vehicles

Trending on Twitter Tuesday morning was the hashtag #ShouldHaveADriveThru, where angry consumers complained about the daunting task of getting out of their cars to get things that they want to buy.

Sometimes life gets in the way, and there's not enough time in your schedule to walk into a store and wait in a line at the register, when you have a car with air conditioning and Fun 107 playing on the radio.

We decided to take a look around the SouthCoast and pool together some landmarks that would be just a little more sweeter with a more convenient way of purchasing their products.

Mirasol's Cafe

The SouthCoast is fueled by Mirasol's Chippi. There's enough caffeine in one sip of those bad boys to energize a UMass Dartmouth all-nighter in the library. The catch is you don't have that energy until you drink a Chippi, not when you're in line to order one.

Your Local Chinese Food Spot

When you eat Chinese food you never feel proud about it. You want to be a grease ball and close the curtains while you binge watch The Office for the second time this year. So why not grab some chow mein in your Chevy or dumplings in your Dodge? Plus, you'll never get embarrassed by how many fortune cookies the restaurant puts in your bag when they can see how many people are ordering the food.

Frontera Grill

Or really any Mexican restaurant. I want table-side guacamole to turn into Guac-n-Go. If I'm going to consume a liter of queso, I want it to be conveniently located in the driver's seat's cup holder, not on the table in front of me. Think of how less stressful the afternoon traffic on I-195 would be if you could snack on a chimichanga and pico de gallo. On second thought, depending on how bad the traffic is, this might cause some more stress.

Liquor Stores

When it's the weekend, I'm trying to Ciroc-and-roll. The biggest pain is the FOMO experienced while waiting in the endless liquor store lines while your friends who thought ahead are already pre-gaming. Plus, other states already have the privilege of  drive-thru booze. Where is there a petition I can sign to help benefit my weekend alter ego?


For the SouthCoast parents out there, it's hard enough to watch over your kids while school is out. The difficulty gets increased once all the little ones are in Target and there's over 30 aisles of toys to get them all jazzed up. You were only supposed to stop in quick for baby diapers and a loaf of bread, how did you spend $150 again? Maybe a drive-thru Target would save stress--and your bank account.

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