On a daily basis, my mind wanders in every which direction possible until it settles down on the most random topics, questions and observations. Today was one of those days for sure.

I began noticing a pattern as of late involving my cell phone. Someone was calling me and as I reached down to get my phone, I noticed that I reached for my right pocket first out of habit. Sure enough, the phone was in the pocket as expected.

Shorts, on the other hand, are different. I've seem to just come to accept the fact that I've never escaped the cargo shorts of the early 2000s and I only buy shorts that have a cargo pocket. It may draw some snickers from the millenials, but I've come to terms with my lack of fashion sense.

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Here's the one problem that's an important factor to mention: the size of the phone matters. My last phone was too bulky and could barely fit anywhere thanks to these thunder thighs and Portuguese buns. The struggle was real when it came to jeans, so I never could fit the phone in any of my pockets. I've since then downgraded in size to get the phone into my pockets.

This realization made me curious about other peoples "pocket preference," so I decided to do a little crowd sourcing on Facebook. Out of the 50 SouthCoast residents who responded, here's the breakdown:

  • Front left pocket: 6
  • Front right pocket: 5
  • Back left pocket: 10
  • Back right pocket: 19
  • Cargo pocket: 1
  • Pocketbook/handbag: 3
  • Other (such as bra or chest area): 6

Who knew that something so simple as phone pocket choice was a habit that people actually practice? Next time you go to put your phone in your pants or shorts pocket, see which one is your go-to. You just might be surprised.

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