Many businesses across the SouthCoast applied for the Paycheck Protection Program and either were denied or haven't heard back yet. Some that were approved haven't seen a dime to this point. Pressure continues to mount as our governor pushes to reopen the state soon.

Business owners are looking everywhere for help to get their businesses back open and operating. The costs of getting supplies back in stock and employees back to work are high and it's like opening your business all over again.

If you weren't one of the lucky businesses that could get into the PPP program, don't give up hope yet.

I just found out about the "Empowerment Grant." These grants are meant to be awarded to small businesses within Massachusetts gateway cities like New Bedford, Taunton and Fall River.

Now the max amount appears to be $2,500. While for some small businesses that won't even cover rent, right now every little bit helps. Unlike some of the assistance the government is giving, this grant does not need to be paid back.  If you have any questions before you apply for this, you can email them.

There are so many amazing small businesses around the SouthCoast and we want all of them to re-open in the coming weeks. My fingers are crossed for all of you small business owners.

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