"She’s a 10, but she’s always on her phone."

"He’s a 5, but he has a healthy relationship with his parents."

Social media users are sharing their personal scales on what keeps a person from being a perfect 10 or what gets them there, and it’s extremely entertaining.

It’s safe to say that there is a physical level of attraction when it comes to dating, and it’s usually the first step toward pursuing another person. But the latest game that has become the topic of hundreds of videos takes a deeper dive into “the dating scale.”

How to Play

A person will list a scenario involving a person of interest. They will give them a rating, add on a scenario, and a friend will give the final result.

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For example, I may say a person is a 6, but they love to have breakfast in bed. You may choose to bump that person to a 7. On the flip side, you may rate a person a 10, but they play video games constantly. For me, that person drops to a 4.

Now, Let’s Play the SouthCoast Version

We all have different types. We all have different qualities that make us tick or make us swoon, but it’s safe to say that there are several qualities that are only applicable to SouthCoast daters.

We asked the SouthCoast to give a local spin on the popular game, and their answers did not disappoint.

Looks like these players have found 10s. Keep scrolling to see which SouthCoast habit dropped their score.

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