I can only imagine that each bite of Sour Patch Kids ice cream starts off sour and ends sweet.

This just may be the most genius idea since someone decided to add Reese's Peanut Butter Cups to ice cream.

According to Delish.com though, there has only been one sighting of the frozen treat... and that location is popularly known as Walmart.

It's called the "Red, White, And Blue" Sour Patch Kids Ice cream, and is only available until the end of the year at select Walmart locations--but it's ramping up to be delivered to all stores across the nation.

Delish tells us that the Baskin-Robbins Sour Patch Kid-inspired ice cream will be available in a 1.5-quart container that's priced at around $3.48.

Impulsive food-shoppers have already been blowing up Instagram and Pinterest with photos of their findings, and all arrows are been pointing towards MUST BUY.


As if it were a gift from the candy gods above, we have been blessed by the almighty powers of this Baskin Robbins/Sour Patch Kids collaboration.


Now, can somebody please get some spoons and bowls, I'll be right back... I'm heading over to Walmart before it sells out!