Dear 2020,

You deserve the truth, so I will give it to you straight. I didn’t like you. Not even a little bit. Sure, we had a couple of good moments, but the bad moments outweigh those good ones by a long shot.

You are a stealer. You stole really important moments from a lot of people, like Senior Night football games, graduations, baby showers, and weddings. My wedding was supposed to be in November, but you couldn’t even give me that, could you?

You were a bully and forced everyone into isolation, creating a gap in social interaction that I will not soon forget. I miss my friends and family terribly, but you got so sick that it affected our very way of life. I can’t blame you for COVID-19, but your name is stained with the destruction it has left.

You’ll certainly go down in history, so congratulations. Students will learn about your pandemic in years to come and be shocked at what they discover: masks everywhere, businesses shut down, and lots of hand sanitizer. I blame my dry, flaky hands on you.

Many of us turned to music and television to get us through your tumultuous year. “Binge-watching” was commonplace and music was my outlet when I was lonely. I leaned on music a lot this year, so I think it’s only fair to recognize the power that music can have on a person.

Every song tells a story, but there are a few songs that resonate so perfectly with you, 2020, and even though many of the songs are well before your year, I give them a new meaning by attaching them to you and your rollercoaster year.

Good Riddance,


The Songs That Sum Up 2020

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