Today is 9 months exactly that I've been married, so I've had a little bit of time now to reflect back on my big day.

Wedding season is fast approaching, and for anyone who's never planned a wedding before, it's stressful!

Well, as someone who's been through it, I have noticed there are some things that took me by surprise.  One major thing especially, that no one talks about.

Post wedding depression.  This was the biggest shocker of all for me.  I'd never heard of this, no one ever spoke about it to me.  I had no idea what I was in for, but it happened to me.

Think about spend months preparing for something that is supposed to be the happiest, best day of your life.  The engagement phase is magical and exciting.  Then you do the planning for the wedding, while it's stressful, it's fun and exciting, really exciting!!  Then after this big amazing day just for you two, you go away on an awesome vacation!!  Then, you come back and maybe relax for a few days before it's time to get back to reality.

All of a sudden, one day, maybe two months after the wedding...I just started feeling sad.  I couldn't pinpoint it, but I felt it.  I started thinking "what now?"  I asked myself that because I couldn't figure out what I was supposed to do next.  I got engaged, planned the wedding, had the wedding, had the honeymoon and then what?  I felt like even though I'm a happy person who is happy with my life, I was missing something.

I just couldn't hold back anymore, and I spent the next few days crying!  It was crazy!!  I guess I felt like after such an amazing experience like a wedding, what the heck else could I do in life that could possibly top that?  I couldn't think of anything, so I told myself that answer was nothing.  When I thought about there not being another high point like that in my life again, it was devastating.

I not only felt depressed about it, but I felt really alone.  Who the heck could I tell that would actually understand?  I was embarrassed to tell my husband, so I didn't.  I felt stupid telling my friends, so I didn' what's left?  The internet!  I researched "post wedding depression" and found out that it's a legit thing, and I'm not the only woman it's happened to!  Whew!  That made me feel better!

Once I read stories of other women like me, that helped me to feel better.  I decided that I did not want to feel like that anymore, and that no matter what, I WILL experience things in life that will be amazing, even if they aren't on par with a wedding.

Thankfully, those feelings only stayed with me for a short time.  I started thinking about all the great things me and my husband could do together and how exciting our future could be.  Shortly after that came the holidays, which are always nice, and then I started here at FUN 107!

Once I made the conscious decision to feel better and know that I will have other wonderful life experiences to look forward to, I never turned back.

Maybe this doesn't happen to everyone, I don't know, since I felt too embarrassed to talk about it....but if it's happened to you, you are not alone!  :)