We got some fun phone calls on Fun 107's Michael and Maddie this morning as we talked about places we've snuck into.

Gazelle remembered sneaking into the Dartmouth Mall movie theater to see Road Trip when he was 13. He bought tickets to Gladiator but switched over to the raunchy bro comedy when no one was looking. He said a theater employee by the name of "Mean Gene" tried to kick him and some friends out, but a manager came to the rescue and scolded Gene because he was already off the clock and was being, well, mean.

I admitted to two sneaking episodes. The best was when I was 13. I was at Fenway Park with an older friend of mine. We were leaving the game when I noticed the security guard monitoring the player's parking lot had left his post. I clearly remember thinking, "I'm only 13, if I get caught they'll just throw me out, they won't put me in jail." I hung in that player's lot for about an hour as some of the biggest names in Red Sox history pulled out in their Mercedes and BMWs: Roger Clemens, Wade Boggs, Oil Can Boyd, Marty Barrett, Jim Rice -- they all signed the ball I had.

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I also admitted to sneaking into high school wrestling tournaments in college. The brother of one of my wrestling buddies was phenomenal, and we'd support him as he plowed through the New Englands. The only problem was these tournaments had a pretty steep entry fee for high school, and we were two broke college kids. We collected a bunch of colored markers and kept them in the car. One of us would walk up to the entrance. "They're putting green "X's" on people's hands," the lookout would observe.  We'd take out a green marker, throw on an "X" and walk right in.  I didn't say I wasn't ashamed of it.

Our audience was eager to share places they've snuck into, too. Take a look:

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