A large brown cow brought busy Route 6 in Westport to a standstill.

The cow, which escaped from Meatworks meat processing plant, was seen trotting across the east and west lanes, causing a significant disruption as it searched for a way back home.

Rene Cruz of Westport was traveling with her daughter, who managed to capture close-up footage of the wandering cow:

According to a statement from Westport Animal Control, the cow had escaped from Meatworks on Route 6. The Westport Police Department, New Bedford Animal Control and the Massachusetts Highway Department were on scene to assist.

"After careful thought and planning, the cow was humanely euthanized due to it being a danger to pedestrians and vehicles on the roadways on Route 6," the statement read.

No people were injured.

"You never know what each day brings in this field," Westport Animal Control said.

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