It’s not every day you encounter Disney magic in your seafood platter, but for one Fall River family, a recent visit to Macray’s Seafood turned into a celebration of one of their favorite characters.

Heather and Rickey Miranda were enjoying a casual meal when they discovered an unexpected guest in their clam cake basket: none other than Stitch from Disney's Lilo & Stitch.

June 26 holds a special place in the hearts of Disney fans as National Stitch Day, honoring Experiment 626, the mischievous yet lovable alien from the popular film. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect for the Mirandas, who are big Disney enthusiasts.

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“We were shocked when we saw the clam cake,” Heather Miranda said. “It looked just like Stitch. My husband even has a tattoo of Stitch on his forearm, and the resemblance was uncanny.”

The Mirandas’ daughter, a huge Stitch fan, was thrilled by the unexpected encounter.

“Stitch is my daughter’s favorite Disney character,” Heather Miranda said. “We are a Disney family.”

As the family marveled at their edible discovery, it became clear that this was no ordinary meal. The simple clam cake brought a touch of Disney magic to their dining experience.

National Stitch Day is a nod to Stitch’s designation as Experiment 626. Fans worldwide use this day to show their love for the adorable yet chaotic character who has captured hearts since his debut in 2002.

For the Miranda family, this unexpected delight was more than just a fun coincidence. It was a reminder of the joy and wonder that Disney characters bring to everyday life.

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