After a prolonged and challenging hiatus, Brew Fish Bar & Eatery in Marion has officially restored its Facebook presence.

The beloved restaurant faced a significant setback in May when its social media account fell victim to a hacker. The breach resulted in the owners and Facebook administrators being locked out of their own page, losing all control.

The page was bombarded with irrelevant and often inappropriate content. Hackers filled the timeline with clickbait, inappropriate memes and Hollywood gossip, completely overshadowing the restaurant's mouth-watering food and drink specials. Posts that should have highlighted the popular dishes and inviting atmosphere of Brew Fish were instead replaced with content including online quizzes about Disney princesses, off-brand to say the least.

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As of Monday, June 25, Brew Fish Bar & Eatery has launched a brand-new Facebook page. Despite the frustration of having to start from scratch, the owners and staff are optimistic about rebuilding the online community.

Social media plays a crucial role in keeping customers informed about daily specials, events and new menu items, and Brew Fish’s reestablished presence is a welcomed return to normalcy.

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The restaurant responded with an optimistic response on Monday, teasing prize giveaways in light of its upcoming anniversary on Friday:

Welcome back to the wide world of Facebook, Brew Fish. Here's to a fresh start and many delicious posts to come.

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