Welcome to the future people!

We use our smartphones to surf the internet, send e-mails, and even pay for our lunch, but how many more uses can we cram into these little techno-wonders?

Well, according to Autoblog.com, the state of Iowa is working on digital driver's licenses and state ID's that you can have on your smartphone.

The digital licenses would work through an "identity vault app", which would require a PIN and possibly a finger print, to access.

Your digital ID would look exactly like your physical ID, except it would include a moving picture of your face for security purposes.

As cool as a digital ID would be, there are plenty of issues that come with the idea. Iowa officials say the digi-license wouldn't replace the plastic ID, but instead work with other apps like digital proof of insurance when you get into a car accident.

Police would also be able to quickly scan your digital ID to make giving out tickets faster and easier! Thanks digital driver's license!

There are security concerns with that aspect as well, but its an issue the developers are trying to figure out.

Apparently, it also wouldn't save you a trip to the dreaded RMV. However, after the typical wait, you would instantly have your digital license as you walk out the door.

The state is currently testing the app and they say the app would be free to download, so do you think it's a good idea?

Would you get a digital license?



(Contributions made by Jon Faria, Fun Morning Show staff)