It happens everywhere: regional slang. It is totally a thing, and if you have never left the SouthCoast area, you wouldn't realize that some of the things you say people don't say anywhere else.

I was born and raised on the SouthCoast but went to college in Providence and moved away to the South for a while. I think that all makes me more aware of the slang we use here and how most people don't even understand why we say it.

A lot of you know exactly what I'm talking about. One that I always was given a hard time for was the difference between jimmies and sprinkles. I'd always get the weird looks when I would ask for "jimmies" on my ice cream.

So now that we got the "jimmies" one out of the way, here are a few others that we probably don't even realize are only used around here:

1. Bubbler instead of water fountain. Yes, believe it or not, the technical name of these is actually water fountain.

2. Wicked awesome. No one says that anywhere but here, at least in my experience traveling to most of the cities across this great country.

3. Yessuh! I have used this one a bunch of times. It's a different form of "yes sir" and is the worst slang ever.

4. Going to the packie. Now, when I was younger, I use to hear this saying all the time. Now I don't hear it as much, probably because there are fewer package stores now and more convenience stores.

5. Coffee milk. Ok, this one may not be slang but it's definitely something you won't hear anyone order outside of our area. As a matter of fact, I ordered it once in Texas and they gave me a hot coffee with milk on the side. Ummm, that's not what I wanted.

I feel like there are a bunch more that aren't coming to mind. If you can think of any please share them. I'd like to bring to light just how unique we are here on the SouthCoast but how silly we may sound if we use these elsewhere.

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