Our radio pals from across the pond, Signal 107 from the U.K., took some time to wish everyone listening to FUN 107 a Happy Thanksgiving!

Tom and Amy sent us a video via youtube wanting a little bit more info about that third Thursday in November. For some of us, it is all about just the food, drinks, and sleepy football watching. However, this couldn't be more of a perfect time to show what we're really thankful for. I can't believe how much the U.K. is missing. So many American holidays are just not celebrated over there for good reason, but at least starting making stuff up so you can get days off.

May all your families and friends be safe this holiday weekend, and yours too Tom and Amy at Signal 107, as we get closer and closer to more family time in the month of December.

Tom Campbell, obviously a huge fan of the FUN Morning Show, making reference to our HUGE announcement about the FUN Morning Show, so now the news has gone international. Find out the BIG NEWS Monday morning between 6am and 7am