Let's talk money for a sec.

The pandemic held a financial burden over many of our heads. Not only did so many people have to adapt to new working-from-home roles amidst a global shutdown, but so many other people also lost their jobs completely.  But regardless of their job situation, a year in lockdown (and a few stimmy checks as a result) allowed many Americans to save more than ever. There weren't concerts to attend or vacations to plan. Many were even spending less on gas because they didn't have a commute anymore.

But what happens when the country begins to reopen, and when, after a year without concerts and visits to faraway loved ones, those things are suddenly possible again? How do you practice self control and not spend every dime you saved during the last year?

These are questions I've been asking myself a LOT lately, as artists have started to announce tours and my boyfriend and I have started planning trips to see family members and have a little post-pandemic fun. Is there a trick to keeping the savings in savings or should it be okay to splurge a little and have a few #TreatYourself moments after the trying year we've all had?

Here's my philosophy: It's important to treat yourself once in a while. Depending on your budget, your "treat" may look a little different, and that's okay! But it's still important to set boundaries within your budget, make sure bills are paid first, and set aside any money you're still saving for long-time goals you may have.

What's your philosophy? Do you have any tips to keeping some of your hard-earned savings from 2020 while also enjoying the fruits of reopening in 2021? Let us know inside the station app!

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