I'm kind of known for being a foodie. I've traveled all over the Ocean State, with the cameras rolling, uncovering the best hidden gems that the state has to offer. It may be a small state, but it seems like the restaurant choices are endless.

I may be a Rhode Island resident, but the SouthCoast is now home to my place of work, and it’s my goal to eat my way through the area. Gazelle and Michael speak so highly of certain spots that I needed to start keeping track. From Italian to Asian to Mexican, there seems to be no shortage of options in the area, all of them offering their own unique menu and flair.

I have no doubt that all of them will be delightful, but Michael and Gazelle have some clear favorites that lead the pack. Here are seven must-try restaurants this summer on the SouthCoast.

Seven Must-Try SouthCoast Restaurants (As Suggested to Maddie by Michael and Gazelle)

Food brings people together. You can learn a lot about a person by their food choices or food etiquette, and I can't wait to get on a personal level with my new surroundings. I have a feeling these seven restaurants don't even scratch the surface of the mouth-watering cuisine on the SouthCoast, but a girl has to start somewhere.

What else should I add to my "Must Try" list? Find me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to let me know.

Your Complete Guide to Outdoor Dining on the SouthCoast in 2020

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