The second annual Selina Strong Bike Run will take place on September 28.

The SouthCoast's collective heart ached for the Oehmen family this past fall, with the loss of their 10-year-old daughter to a rare form of brain cancer. Now, Selina's father, Ken, is announcing a way to help find a cure for pediatric brain cancer.

Ken Oehmen says, "This will be an annual event that is not only to remember Selina but help make a difference in finding the Home Run cure."

The SouthCoast fell in love with Selina during a bittersweet campaign her family launched to have their little girl meet Ed Sheeran when he came to Gillette Stadium last September. Her mother told Fun 107 that Sheeran had been the focal point of her treatment and battle, that Sheeran's songs helped the 10-year-old child cope with each chemotherapy treatment as they came.

Selina was able to meet Ed Sheeran before one of his Foxboro shows. Sheeran told me that he was profoundly touched by his meeting with Selina and her family. Selina had mustered up every bit of energy left in her ailing body to will herself to attend the show.

Selina Strong Facebook
Selina Strong Facebook

Tragically, Selina lost her battle with brain cancer one month later.

You can make a donation in Selina's memory at The Cure Starts Now. You also follow developments about the bike run and other events in Selina's memory at the Selina Strong Facebook page.

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