Not only did Ed Sheeran spend time with Somerset's Selina Oehmen on Friday night, he dedicated his free time on Saturday to sick children.

Ed Sheeran played two sold-out shows at Gillette Stadium over the weekend. Sheeran joked during the show that when he first came to Boston years ago, he was told by a radio station that, "We already have Jason Mraz." Now, years later, Sheeran is one of the biggest stars in the world. He is a hit machine, but he has taken advantage of his fame to make people happy.

On Friday night, he spent significant time with 10-year-old Selina Oehmen, her parents and friend. The Somerset girl had been diagnosed with brain cancer months ago, and her mother says that she was unsure that she'd survive long enough to attend the concert. Selina not only saw the show, but was able to meet the performer who was her inspiration for all of her chemotherapy treatments. Here's a selfie that Ed took with the girls:

Michelle Oehmen

When I saw Ed Sheeran Saturday night, I made it a point to thank him repeatedly on behalf of the entire community of Somerset. I told him how important it was to Selina's entire hometown.


As I was talking to Ed, I found out another tidbit of info I thought people should know. The topic of Boston traffic came up, and Ed shared that he had some stressful moments on Saturday fighting the traffic to get back to Gillette for his show. When I asked what he was doing in Boston, Ed's rep told me that they had spent the entire afternoon at Boston Children's Hospital. Ed performed songs and met over 100 patients. While on a world tour an artist doesn't have a ton of free time, but Ed Sheeran chose to spend his time with sick children.

We hear so many negative stories about too many pop stars, movie stars, and athletes.  Ed Sheeran is one of the good guys! And I thought he deserved to be acknowledged.