A terminally ill Somerset girl is getting ready to meet Ed Sheeran Friday night. After hearing Selina Oehman's story, Ed Sheeran couldn't say yes fast enough. He is just as excited to meet Selina as she is to meet her favorite pop star.

Selina's story is upsetting. Fun 107 first heard about this little girl from her former gym teacher at North Elementary.

"Everything was fine last year," said Colleen Munce. "Then, this."

Selina's mother Michelle outlined a horrifying story on the air with us this morning, walking us through how her daughter went from having a series of headaches, to being diagnosed with DIPG (an aggressive form of cancer), and falling into a two-month coma.

Selina spent her 10th birthday in that coma, and hasn't spoken since. She is, however, alert and her mind is still functioning perfectly, says her mom.

"She can still nod yes or no to answer any questions," says Michelle Oehman.

Michelle credits Ed Sheeran's music for being the inspiration to her daughter.

"Whenever she would get depressed about not being able to go back to school, or would be nervous about a chemotherapy treatment, it was Ed Sheeran's music that would pull her through.

"She told my husband that she wants to dance to Ed Sheeran's song "Perfect" at her wedding."  --Michelle Oehman

Selina's parents had bought her handicapped accessible tickets to Ed Sheeran's show this Friday night, and started an online campaign to somehow have their daughter meet her favorite singer. Her former gym teacher reached out to Fun 107, arrangements were made through his record label, Atlantic Records, and Ed Sheeran is beyond excited to meet Selina.

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