A surprise encounter at Fenway Park turned into a day of empowerment and inspiration for breast cancer fighter Alyssa Turgeon-DaSilva.

The New Bedford native found herself surrounded by a group of resilient cancer survivors and received unexpected encouragement from MLB coach Gerardo Parra of the Washington Nationals.

The day began with a generous gesture from a local man named Ron Morgan, who gifted Turgeon-DaSilva and her husband tickets to a Boston Red Sox game for Mother’s Day. Little did they know that this day would become a memorable chapter in Turgeon-DaSilva’s journey as a breast cancer fighter.

As Turgeon-DaSilva and her husband settled into their seats at Fenway Park behind home plate, they were greeted by a group of women adorned in Red Sox and breast cancer awareness attire. They were representing the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and as they were making their way to the field, Turgeon-DaSilva struck up a conversation with the women and discovered that they were all survivors. Moved by their camaraderie and strength, Turgeon-DaSilva was invited to join them on the field, forming a sisterhood of warriors united in their fight against breast cancer.

Courtesy Alyssa Turgeon-DaSilva
Courtesy Alyssa Turgeon-DaSilva

The experience was deeply moving for Turgeon-DaSilva, as survivors embraced her with love, encouragement, and shared their own stories of overcoming challenges. In that moment, she found herself surrounded by a community of women who understood her journey intimately and offered unwavering support.

"They told me about a special organized walk with the Susan G. Komen foundation and I immediately signed up right there and then,” Turgeon-DaSilva said.

Before exiting the field, she connected with a survivor who had battled triple negative breast cancer, the same diagnosis that had claimed the life of her best friend, Brittney Tavares. For Turgeon-DaSilva, it was a bittersweet reminder of her friend’s spirit and resilience, and a reaffirmation of her own strength in the face of adversity.

Clearly a sign from the heavens.

But the day held even more surprises in store for Turgeon-DaSilva. Little did she know, the Boston Red Sox and the Washington Nationals were participating in a breast cancer awareness initiative, and she found herself surrounded by a sea of pink as both teams took the field. Full of unexpected moments, Turgeon-DaSilva recognized it as a sign that she was in the right place at the right time.

But perhaps the most unexpected moment of all came when Parra, first base coach for the Washington Nationals, approached Turgeon-DaSilva and asked to take a photo with her. She was then gifted with a game ball and his kindness and his words of encouragement resonated with her long after the game had ended.

Courtesy Alyssa Turgeon-DaSilva
Courtesy Alyssa Turgeon-DaSilva

Once home, Turgeon-DaSilva sent Parra an Instagram message, thanking him for making her day. Once again, to her surprise, he reciprocated with a heartfelt message that she'll never forget:

“God bless you and soon you will be free of that disease. You are a great MVP and stay strong and happy.” -Parra

He not only gifted her comfort and inspiration, but also a reminder that she was not alone in her fight against breast cancer. Truly a stand-up guy who's character spoke volumes that day.

In a world often marked by division and negativity, these moments that transpired in Boston that day have the power to uplift and inspire us all. And as Turgeon-DaSilva continues her journey as a breast cancer fighter, she does so with the knowledge that she is surrounded by a community of warriors who stand beside her every step of the way.

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