Your social media pages are about to go viral thanks to a brand-new business coming to Kingston Collection.

Selfie in HD is an immersive and unique selfie museum that provides you with over a dozen themed rooms to capture your next photo or video. The owner, New Bedford native Glenn Tobey, said the idea came to him after a conversation with friends.

Creating Selfie in HD

“I own a barbershop in the Kingston Mall, and we were reminiscing one day about using the photobooth (in the mall),” Tobey said.

Tobey and his friends had a lot of fun memories using that photobooth and Tobey wanted to bring those moments back to life. After a quick Google search, Selfie in HD was set in motion.

“I never heard of a selfie museum, but I looked online and saw something similar to what I wanted to do,” he said, hoping to bring the typical photo experience to the next level. “Moments are getting lost, so it’s cool for people to capture the experience and create memories for life.”

Courtesy of Glenn Tobey
Courtesy of Glenn Tobey

What to Expect

Guests will either reserve a spot online or sign up at the door and choose between a standard or multicolored ring light. The guests will then have two hours to visit 13 rooms and 17 sets to capture as many Instagramable moments as possible.

Each room has its own theme, such as the Sunflower room or the Bubble room, and Tobey hopes to incorporate a virtual reality room in the future.

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People can also take advantage of a professional photo shoot, a professional video shoot and private parties, or experience the museum equipped with fun mirrors and lights.

“I hope it will be a place where family and friends can create memories and have an enjoyable experience,” Tobey said.

Opening day is June 1 at Kingston Collection and the website is launching soon.

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