Selena Gomez was seen having a meeting with Vogue editor-in-chief, the helmet-bobbed doyenne known as Anna Wintour. That lead to speculation that Sel is on her way to her first Vogue cover, which is a major "get" when it comes to magazine and fashion real estate. Every A-list celeb desires a Vogue cover. 

Gomez was in Milan for Fashion Week and was seen chatting with Wintour on Saturday, Sept. 21, according to Entertainment Wise.

The ladies were snapped mid-chat in a hotel lobby. No one knows if they just happened upon one another and were simply exchanging pleasantries or if they were intentionally meeting up to further discuss more important things, like a possible Vogue cover.

While Sel is gorgeous and has a polished and sophisticated sense of style, Vogue covers are not easy to land. It was rumored that Miley Cyrus had shot for the mag and had her planned December cover pulled once Wintour saw her VMAs antics. But that has since been shot down as a rumor and it was said that Cyrus never did the photos and never even had a cover in the first place. No one is hotter than Cyrus right now, so you'd think she'd get a Vogue cover before Sel based on how thermonuclear she is at this point.

That said, Wintour dictates trends -- she doesn't follow them. So maybe that is why she might consider going the Gomez route as opposed to the Cyrus one. Again, this is all speculation and us thinking aloud.

Gomez has covered almost every women's fashion mag but she's never nabbed Vogue …yet.

Do you think Selena Gomez should get a Vogue cover? Or is it too soon since she is just 21 and she is only starting to plant herself in the fashion world?