Selena Gomez sat down --and stood up to play ping pong and Connect Four-- with Ryan Seacrest for the 'Ryan Seacrest With Selena Gomez' interview special on E! tonight (July 21). We learned quite a bit about Sel during their chat, like the status of her relationship with Justin Bieber.

"No, I'm not," she said when asked if she is with The Biebs again.

So ignore the photographic evidence and the on-off reports. She is single.

Here are the other key things that stood out the most to us during the 30-minute chat. Oh, and can we just mention that Sel's voluptuous lips were mesmerizing? They were painted a ruby red shade and had a "come hither" vibe!

She looked up to Hilary Duff. Gomez told the host that Duff was her Hollywood inspiration because she was Lizzie McGuire. Duh! Now the Duffster is a mom and Gomez is filling the do-it-all ingenue void left by Duff.

Her parents' split was confusing and she blamed her mom at first. "I didn't really know what was going on," she said, recalling her parents breaking up. She acknowledged that they were young when they had her, but "I blamed my mom because I wanted my family but I realized my mom made all the right decisions." Sel admitted that she did not accept her stepfather Brian Teefey at first, since she wanted her family together. But once she realized her mother's happiness, Brian took on the dad role and she had the family she always wanted.

Music is more intimidating than acting. She had to adjust more to the music business than acting. Regardless, she is happy with her career path. "I don't regret wanting to live a different lifestyle," she said.

Her celebrity crushes are actors. Logan Lerman and Bradley Cooper make her melt.

She understood Belieber hate. She never let the fact that Beliebers were hating on her affect her negatively "because I understand it, I was in love with Jesse McCartney when I was younger. I was 13 and he was with Katie Cassidy and I was so upset," she said about "getting" why Beliebers "hated" her for dating The Biebs.

Her musical future is in limbo. "I want to take a couple years off," she said, admitting that she has not accomplished everything she needs and wants to as an actress.

She will drink red wine as her first legal drink, since she turns 21 tomorrow (July 22). Sel will have a drink with the family, choosing red over white in the vino department because her mother likes red.