Winter is here and igloo dining is back and better than ever. More and more local restaurants are getting into the igloo game and the results are jaw-dropping.

Last season we only had three high-end igloo locations to share with you for the season, but this year that number has more than doubled. That means even more opportunities to cuddle up this winter in some serious outdoor luxury.

Whether it's a birthday celebration or a proposal under the stars, these igloos look perfect for any special occasion. Though eating out under these domes can happen any old night of the week, the fee attached to eating in some of them might make the special occasion seem more worth it.

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Many of these high-end igloos have fees just to reserve them (some up to $100) and then you have your dinner and drinks on top of that.

Still, this is a unique dining experience that can only happen at a certain time of year, so doesn't that make the splurge a little worth it? I also doubt anyone sitting inside one of these jaw-dropping domes is thinking about the money while they do it.

You're probably just enjoying the cozy fireplace, comfy couches, delicious food and, in many locations, the stunning water views.

The igloos on our list are in some seriously sweet spots and each restaurant can be reached through their websites or Facebook pages for more booking information.

Even if you never head there to eat out, that doesn't mean you can't look at what these high-end igloos have inside.

Keep scrolling to see them all.

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