If you have a child that is struggling in Kindergarten, it might make you feel better to see Michael's Kindergarten report card.  Then again, it might not.

He did not like her behavior so he hit and knocked her down.

While I was doing some spring cleaning in my home office over the weekend, I stumbled across my kindergarten report card.  Placed inside the report card was a note home from my kindergarten teacher.  Let's just say she was not a fan of mine...and probably for good reason.

Note 1

"Dear Mrs. Rock," the letter began.  "As we agreed, I have been keeping a checklist of Michael's behavior."  Well, that's not a good start.  The fact that she was monitoring my behavior so closely was probably not because I was a model student.  "I cannot give Michael a star today because of an incident on Wednesday when Michael did not agree with a girl in our class."  Oh boy, here it comes.  "He did not like her behavior so he hit and knocked her down.  I am hoping to give Michael a star next Friday."

My report card wasn't much better.  I got "Needs Improvement" in some pretty basic areas such as "works without disturbing others", "observes rules", and "plays and works well with others".  In other words, I was a disaster in kindergarten.  I can't imagine how my parents felt when their first child in their FIRST TERM of kindergarten was failing this miserably!  I feel bad that I put them through this.

In all fairness, my mother says that the kindergarten teacher was not fair to me (shocker that my MOTHER would think that).  She blames the fact that I was too young to be enrolled in Kindergarten.

We'll leave this case up to you.  Does this look like the face of a child that would not play well with others??


Additional reporting by Michael DeSouza

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