I swear, it's the little things in life that get me by these days.

Back in December, right around Christmas, I received the most unique outside-the-box present, that little did I know would change my life forever: a bidet attachment. I've already given you my review on it, but now I'm really seeing a difference it's making on my wallet.

Now, like most people, I go grocery shopping every week. Some trips to the store are light while others are hefty in terms of the number of items I'm buying, but I'm seeing a common factor in both. I've noticed that I haven't been making a trip down the toilet paper aisle as often as I was.

Perhaps in the past, I was overdoing it with the T.P., but nowadays, I'm barely touching the stuff thanks to the bidet.

I grabbed some receipts from previous trips and noticed that I was paying about an average of $17.15 for the "good stuff." I'm a large man, I don't have time for that one-ply nonsense. Since I've installed the bidet, I've saved an estimated $34.30 and if you multiply that for the year, you're looking at hundreds of dollars saved.

Most people are wary of the "feeling" of the bidet, but I can assure you that after a single use, it's an absolute game-changer. Yes, you are using more water than you would before, but it adds up pennies on the bill and is hardly recognizable. If anything, I have yet to see any change thus far.

All in all, I've never been more stoked at the fact that if we were to have another insane toilet paper shortage, I'm ready for it.

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