With 10 years of restaurant service under my belt, the restaurant industry will always be an area of interest for me. When I saw how badly the industry was suffering for most of 2020, it broke my heart. I ordered take out and did curbside pickup whenever I could, always making sure to tip the helper and reassure them that they are appreciated. Luckily, better days are on the horizon, but we aren’t out of the dark just yet.

Michael Rock and I like to consider ourselves foodies. While Michael knows where to find the best wings, I always seem to sniff out the best Italian spots. But every restaurant on the SouthCoast offers its own special appeal, and we want to do what we can to make sure every restaurant in the area thrives in 2021.

We understand that it’s a team effort. Michael and I are not the only ones enjoying takeout or dining in with our families. We’re confident that you are supporting small businesses as well and we want to reward you for doing so.


Want to win some Apple products? Here’s what you do.

  • The next time you go out to eat, order takeout, or purchase curbside pickup, we want you to snap a selfie.
  • Get your crew together (safely) or take a shot of yourself enjoying some local cuisine.
  • Upload to Instagram and use the hashtag #savesouthcoastrestaurants
  • Tag @Fun107nb

We will be checking the hashtag frequently and surprising a bunch of SouthCoast foodies with Apple products like AirPod Pros and Apple Watches!

We appreciate you joining our mission to save our favorite restaurants.

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