It was a chilly day in Fall River, but Santa's Christmas Spirit warmed us right up.

For the last five to six years around this time of year, Santa has been known to come around the Fall River area, especially in the Fall River Shopping Center, and surprise shoppers, workers, and children who just so happen to be there at the perfect time.

From Burlington Store, to Sears Outlet, and all the way down to Savers, Santa loved popping in randomly to surprise the entire store and even take some photos with employees and shoppers. The children were so happy to see jolly Ol' Saint Nick, but then again, who wouldn't be?

There's nothing like getting ready for Christmas then a surprise visit from Mr. Christmas himself, Santa Claus. If you just so happened to be in Fall River early today and you ran into the big guy, then take a look to see if you can find your photo with him below:

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