As the temperature continues to drop, you may notice that your social feeds are starting to feature more and more scenes and sites from Salem, Massachusetts.

Known for the Witch Trials of 1692, it’s no surprise that Salem has witchy themes all throughout town, but The Witchery on Wharf Street has all of the hands-on fun you’d expect, including Tarot card readings, bookbinding (the art of physically making your own book, binding loose papers into a book bound together with a cover and back) and their very popular broom-making workshop.

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Most kids had that one Halloween when they were a witch, and if our moms were DIY fans, we probably had a homemade broom that was more of a "failed it" than "nailed it" accessory.

At The Witchery, though, you will get the step-by-step instructions and materials to finally make yourself the rustic broom of your witchy dreams. Be warned, this is a workshop designed for teens and adults who can independently craft, so hold off on taking the kids to this one. It will take you about an hour if you are slow to make decisions and very detail-oriented, and about 15 minutes if you know exactly the look for which you are going.

Your authentic Witchery broom has some basic components including the ash (lighter brown) or hickory (reddish brown) broom handle in one of three sizes, the bundle of broomcorn (the long dried grass you’ll use for the bristle portion of your broom), and an option to add color with their color splash bundles (brightly colored dried grass, basically).

You can opt to buy some added detail embellishments like pendants, dried flowers, leather, lace and even bones if you want to get real spooky. The Witchery team will guide you through the assembly and you’ll be walking – possibly flying – out of Salem with your very own handmade witch broom.

As with any thing that is super popular, these workshops are by appointment only.

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