Around 2 pm on Saturday, June 18th, a sailboat crashed into the Eel Pond Bridge as it was lowering. Daniel Lion (works at the 41-70 in Woods Hole) received this video from tourists who filmed the event and posted the video to Facebook a few hours later. It appears that the bridge keeper was suspended pending an investigation, although many witnesses believe the speed of the sailboat was to blame, and not anything having to do with the bridge. Lion responded to a comment on the video about who was at fault:

"The boater was at fault. 100% several customer as well as myself saw the light red and you can see in the video the bridge coming down. Also wake in that channel is 5 mph he was going well over the speed limit maybe 15mph to knock mast down like that."

Cape Cod Pulse reminds boaters that "from now until September 15, the bridge opens once every half hour, from 6 am to 9 pm. Boats must signal the bridge tender with 4 short blasts, or they can hail the tender on VHF 13." Stay safe!