A white-wool flag has been raised on Route 6 in Swansea.

The recent locally-viral sheep that escaped from being sent to the slaughterhouse was involved in a car accident last night, and an unfortunate fate is now determining the sheep's demise.

Swansea Police tell Fun 107 that the collision between the car and the sheep happened around 9:18 p.m. on Route 6. Further details on the well-being of the sheep have not yet been released yet, but locals claim that the owner of the sheep has been contacted and picked up the wandering animal that night.

The owner, alongside a concerned community, exerted much energy and time trying to capture the runaway sheep that was scheduled to be sent to the slaughterhouse the same day it escaped.

Until we are delivered further news on how the sheep is making out, smile knowing that it embraced self-freedom for the last four weeks as it took its last "walk-of-life" about the caring city of Swansea and the parking lot of The Salvation Army. As courageous, brave and bold as the sheep was, it will be difficult to forget it.


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