You may not have heard of Shag Point New Zealand or Spread Eagle Canada, but if Gary Gale has his way you will. 

Vaguely Rude

Gary is a British man who put together a map of "vaguely rude place names" all over the world.  He has created this map that highlights hundreds of road, town and village names that will get a snicker from those of us who are let's say, a little immature!

Other locations on Gary's map include places like Hooker, Oklahoma; Horneytown, North Carolina, there are other places around the world like the village of Crap in Albania, don't know if I'd like to live there!  If you have ever been to the Philippines there are two places that go by the name of Anus, that's gotta stink!  Yes the names are real and they do give us a snicker when we hear them.  If you would like to take a look at the map and see some of the rude names Gary found follow this link.