I'd think most parents want to know how the schools in their town stacks up to other towns. Well now there is a national database that can tell you exactly that, no matter where you live.

As a mom of a child just starting on her school journey I am constantly wondering if I'm doing the right things for her education.

Making sure she has the resources she needs, is in the right school, getting the most from her education - the thoughts go on and on.

It probably doesn't help that we currently live in a city where the schools seem to be a bit of a disaster.

So when I came across this new national database of academic performance, I scoped it out hard.

Created by the Educational Opportunity Project at Stanford University, this first ever database of its kind measures educational opportunity in every community in the entire country.

They use average test scores then track how they change over the years and by how much to determine a fascinating range of educational outcomes.

Like the fact that affluent schools are not always the best schools. And how and why race factors into average test scores.

But whether you want to delve into a highly talked about national issue in education or just see how your town's schools stack up, this interactive map can answer all of your questions.

Compare towns before moving. See where the best education opportunities lie. Even see how test scores have changed in your area over the years.

I learned that test scores have been decreasing in my town over the years and educational opportunity has been declining rapidly too.

Not great news with school just around the corner for my kids.

What's your town's education story?

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