Just look at those faces and tell me you're not ooh-ing and ahh-ing right now.

These adorable quadruplets are the newest babies to join the family at the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence. Born to mom, Patsy, and dad, Sheldon, on April 23, these cuties are identical female nine-banded armadillos. Not only do nine-banded armadillos always give birth to a group of four identical pups at one time, but their pups in a single litter are also the same gender.

In this case, they're a group of girls – The Golden Girls. The pups are fittingly named Sophia, Rose, Dorothy and Blanche, and only time will tell if their personalities fit those of the ladies from the hit TV show.

Courtesy of Roger Williams Park Zoo

The Roger Williams Park Zoo shared that Patsy and her pups are doing well and are currently spending time off-exhibit to bond with their mom. When they are first born, the babies' shells are soft and a light gray or pink color, but soon begin to harden within just a few days. The zoo's animal and vet care staff will continue to monitor them as the pups grow.

Courtesy of Roger Williams Park Zoo


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Earlier this year, the Roger Williams Park Zoo welcomed another litter of quadruplets. The group of baby otters made their debut on February 1 and have since mastered the art of swimming with their mama. The pups are now on exhibit and seem to just get cuter every time we see them.

Photo Courtesy of Roger Williams Zoo

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