Retired Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski teased Patriot Nation today with an announcement that there will be an announcement. Only Gronk would make an announcement about an announcement.

Dov Kleiman tweeted the video along with speculation about what the announcement could be about. "Gronkowski must let the Pats know by Saturday, Nov. 30 if he wants to return. Could this be related?"

I couldn't imagine that playing football again is what this big announcement could be about. His video checks none of the boxes for this scenario. The video says the announcement is going to be "fun," but Gronk has made it clear that football (in its entirety) is no longer fun for him.

Gronk says his announcement is going to be wild. Would rejoining the Patriots and having Bill Belichick as your boss again be categorized as "wild?" I don't think so. Not when your name is Rob Gronkowski.

"It's gonna be a good time." That doesn't sound like going over films, learning the Patriots playbook and getting beat up for three hours every Sunday. Strike three, Patriots fans. Tuesday's announcement has nothing to do with Gronk putting on that No. 87 jersey again for the Patriots.

Gronk knows that he needs to leave that NFL door open juuuuuuuuust a crack to remain as relevant as possible. I love the guy, but this is why he makes announcements about announcements.

My best guess is that this will be an announcement about another endorsement for Gronk. And good for him if it is! He has earned every single one of them.

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