We got a brand new toy this morning, and we couldn't put it down. Chatting directly with the Fun 107 DJs is now a thing on the Fun 107 app.

I love getting new technology. I'll sit down and figure out all of the fun things the technology can do, and show everyone else. This is what it was like on the show this morning. We were surprised with a brand new screen in the studio. It was set up for us to chat in real time with listeners through the Fun 107 app.

The Fun 107 app is free to download, by the way, thanks to our friends at Paul and Dixon Insurance.

We talked about it on the air, and the app messages came pouring in. It's very easy to do. Once you've downloaded the Fun 107 app to your phone, just tap "Message Us" (right next to the "Listen Live" button in the middle of the screen). Pick a fun screen name, and start sending us messages. We try to get back to as many as possible, particularly if you say more than just a quick "hi" (which is fine, too).

You can send us pictures of things we're talking about on the air, you can send us pictures of traffic problems in the area. Tell us where you're listening, what you're up to, where you're working, and we could even shout you out on the air.

Give it a try! It's free and it's FUN!

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