You'll never go wrong with family entertainment under the Disney brand, and that's exactly what you'll get when Aladdin's magic carpet arrives at the Providence Performing Arts Center this fall.

The Rock and Fox Show has your free tickets all week long. If your family enjoys the iconic Disney film, they will love seeing all of their favorite Aladdin characters live on stage.

We want to make sure a real fan wins these Aladdin tickets. To enter to win, simply open up the Fun 107 app, then submit either audio or video to "Ask Aladdin" to grant your wish to win the tickets to the show. Each morning this week, the Rock and Fox Show will surprise someone with tickets to Aladdin at the Providence Performing Arts Center.

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Don't be afraid to be creative. I'd say something like this:

"Hi, We're the Medeiros family from Fall River, and we want Aladdin to grant us our wish to see Aladdin at the Providence Performing Arts Center." Then, give the reasons why you have this wish. Why are you Aladdin fans? What is your favorite part of the movie? Who is your favorite character in the movie? Did you like the animated version or the live-action version better? Who made a better genie, Will Smith or Robin Williams?

Be sure to answer your phone this week – especially while the Rock and Fox Show is on the air. We could be calling you to surprise you with free tickets to see Aladdin at the Providence Performing Arts Center! Good luck!

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