The Alanis Morrisette musical Jagged Little Pill had a jagged little start Tuesday night at the Providence Performing Arts Center.

On what was supposed to be the opening night for the show, a technical problem plagued the set's automation, making it necessary to cancel.

About 10 minutes into the performance, the crew for Jagged Little Pill had to lower the curtain after there was a failure with the automation. There were problems with the technology that automates the movement of the walls, a platform and other parts of the set.

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As a result, the show was stopped for roughly 40 minutes. The performance was then restarted for about 15 more minutes before it was shut down for the rest of the night.

Photo by Matthew Murphy for Murphy Made
Photo by Matthew Murphy and Evan Zimmerman for Murphy Made

"The people from Jagged Little Pill were doing everything they could to get it to work. They were trying so hard. They pulled out all the stops to keep the show going," said Caitlyn DiPompo of PPAC. "At about 8:45 they made the announcement on the stage that the performance was to be canceled. It was a decision made by the company."

All remaining performances for Jagged Little Pill are still on and happening as scheduled.

Ticket holders for Tuesday night's show have the option to exchange them for comparable tickets for any of the remaining Jagged Little Pill shows at PPAC. If no action is taken by those who bought tickets, there will be an automatic refund to the point of purchase that was used to make the ticket purchase.

The refunds will happen without any action needed from the ticket holders.

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