If you missed any this week, here are the answers to the Morning Mindbenders on the Rock and Fox Show.

Monday 2/25

Question: 15 percent of men and women will do this, this morning?

Answer: Spill coffee on themselves on the ride to work.

Tuesday 2/26

Question: Thanks to recent technology this is one household chore that you should almost never have to do again?

Answer: Rinse dishes before they go into the dishwasher.

Wednesday 2/27

Question: The first thing eight out of 10 women do when they break up with a guy is what?

Answer: Unfriend him on Facebook.

Thursday 2/28

Question: More than 50 percent of women would rather pay someone to do this than have their husband do it?

Answer: Auto repair.

Friday 3/1

Question: According to a new study, just about 50 percent of employees are more likely to engage in this type of negative behavior at work after lunch than they would after breakfast.

Answer: Lying.


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